Archive | March, 2014

Curry Butter Chicken with Cumin Crusted Naan Bread

I’ve been a huge fan of Indian food for quite some time. We absolutely love our curries. They are so flavourful and dynamic. The addition of certain spices can completely change and entire dish, in a good way. I’m also a sucker for naan bread. That doughy, chewy, soft goodness that you use as a […]

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Montreal-Style Bagels

Bagels. One of my worst guilty pleasures. Nothing beats a warm, soft, chewy, fresh bagel on a cold morning. When I used to work in the Glebe, my office was next to Kettleman’s. Awesome, right? Well, not so much. Besides the hit my bank account took due to the almost daily bagel sandwiches, I also […]

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Blueberry Orange Scones

Lately, Katie has been taking a stronger interest in spending some time in the kitchen. Since I am the chef of the house, she has taken on the role of baker. Over the last few months she’s tried her hand at everything from macaroons to muffins to bread to almond crescent cookies. I gotta say, […]

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