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Potato and Goat Cheese Pierogi

Comfort food. Everybody loves it. For some it’s a nice warm bowl of soup. For others it’s a grilled cheese. Regardless of your dish of choice, it always makes you feel better when you’re cold, homesick, under the weather, lonely, or even hungover. Lately, our comfort food of choice has been pierogi. So last week […]

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Apple Cider Glazed Scallops

Apple Cider Balsamic Glazed Seared Scallops

Over the past 12 months, Katie has been working tirelessly to finish her Master’s in¬†criminology. So, being the great guy I am, I often slave away in the kitchen to prepare her epic meals to sooth her after a long day of studying habits of mommy mass murderers. Seriously. That’s what she’s studying. Anyways, that […]

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Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Tonight I’m heading to another edition of Man Dinner. Yes, I have blogged about this before. It’s a pretty simple idea. Man Dinner is basically a macho potluck. Here are the brief rules. Guys only, bring a dish made with meat, and some cold beers. That’s it. Most guys go for the classics – wings, […]

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Lasagne Bolognese

Every six months my family has what we call “Cookfest”. Basically, we all get together and spend the entire day cooking, eating and listening to music. There may be a glass or two of wine in there as well. ¬†Previous Cookfests have featured chili, fondue, soups, etc. This weekend we spent the day making 6 […]

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